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Top 7 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Medellín

Since most of our team resides in Medellin and we love going out to eat (maybe a little bit too much), we’ve compiled our top 7 vegan and vegetarian restaurants that you should definitely visit in beautiful Medellín. Just remember to invite us too! Just a couple of years ago, being vegan or vegetarian in […]

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5 Delicious Lunch Spots in Medellín

If you’re coming from a part of the world where dinner is the culinary delight of the day, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that lunch is the highlight in Medellin. Colombia’s second largest city, boasts a growing food scene. Whether you’re only in town for a few days or you’ve been here awhile, be […]

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Off The Beaten Track, Part 1

Travelling is great. Exploring is as intrinsically human as walking upright and not being able to get out of bed in the morning. But humans are creatures of habit, we know what we like and we like what we know. Perhaps it’s these two counteracting forces that lead to the phenomenon of the ‘tourist trail’ […]

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Huarapasca: An Undiscovered Gem

Huarapasca is similar in technical difficulty to Yanapacha but with an easier approach in an almost unvisited part of the range – bar a bus of tourists heading over to the Pastoruri glacier. Many of the valleys in the Cordillera Blanca are aptly called quebradas (for example, Quebrada Ulta or Llanganuco). Quebrada means ‘break’ in Spanish and […]

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Artesonraju: Hollywood Super-Peak

I first heard about Artesonraju from my Duke of Edinburgh assessor and something about his description of this remote and challenging peak inspired me. It is an icy pyramid that captivated the creators of Paramount Pictures enough that they made it their logo. For me it was an epic only ever achievable in my dreams […]

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Hatun Machay

In a place full of awesome places, it is rare for something to stand out. A trip to the Cordillera Blanca can seem like a kaleidoscopic dream of the most incredible places you’ve ever seen. So it’s rare. And it’s full of mountains. Big icy mountains. It is not the sort of place you expect […]

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Meet the Mountains: Chopicalqui

High camp is a stunning place to spend the night.  Chopicalqui sits on the eastern flank of the mighty Huascarán Sur – Peru’s largest mountain. “Chopi” has the vibe of being Huascarán’s little brother but it’s still a bruiser in its own right, coming in at 6350m. If you want big, you got big.  A […]

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Meet the Mountains: Alpamayo

Fall in love with the mountain that holds the reputation of being the most beautiful in the world; Then learn all you need to know before embarking on your Alpamayo Expedition. The Cordillera Blanca stretches over a vast area 180km long and 21km wide with 33 major peaks over 5500m. An area this huge offers […]

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Meet the Mountains: Huascarán

The Cordillera Blanca stretches over a vast area 180km long and 21km wide with 33 major peaks over 5500m. An area this huge offers a great variety of outstanding beauty, and, of course, each peak boasts its own unique charm and incredible story.  Standing tall at 6768m, Huascarán looms over the surrounding area. The highest […]

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