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Extending over four thousand miles, the Andes in South America is one of the world’s greatest geographic features, with the combined cordilleras being the longest and most diverse mountain range on Earth. The Andes dominate the cultures, societies and livelihoods of seven countries. Discover why we have dedicated ourselves to promoting positive travel to these exceptionally beautiful and little explored destinations.

Welcome to Perú


The Peruvian Andes offer a wide variety of environments. From massive glaciated peaks to sparkling turquoise lakes, ruby-coloured quinoa forests to high alpine plains, ancient Inca ruins to bustling urban markets, Perú has something for everyone. The cordilleras themselves, of which Perú has twenty, lie North to South between the coastal sand-dune deserts and the seemingly endless Amazon rainforest. Lima has more people than London, and together with dozens of colonial and pre-colonial cities, Perú boasts numerous lively urban centres, most of which trace their history to the ancient civilisations of the Andes.


The Inca, who inhabited Machu Picchu and countless other majestic sites, were South America’s largest and most advanced pre-Columbian civilisation, with their capital based in the spectacular Cuzco. Perú is also home to a number of the world’s oldest civilisations, including the Norte Chico, the Chavin and the Nazca. Famed for its countless riches and resources, Perú has continued to enchant all those who visit this vast and strikingly diverse country. Many hundreds of years prior to the advent of alpinism in the European Alps, indigenous Andeans were scaling the highest peaks for ritual and ceremonial purposes. The colossal mountains remain to this day the central backbone of Perú – both geographically and figuratively. They are the principle source of water and provide extensive resource and wealth to one of the most biologically diverse nations on the planet.


The cultures of the Peruvian Andes are as vibrant as its natural beauty. Many rural and mountain communities are still largely composed of small, earth-made adobe structures where indigenous, Quechua-speaking people are living lives not too dissimilar to the way their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. One of Perú’s principle attractions is its famous cuisine. From cerviche to anticucho, be sure to enjoy some of the best food to be found anywhere in the world. Lima is home to a number of the best rated restaurants on the continent and with great wine coming up from Chile and Argentina, fine dining is not in short supply. The same is true for authentic dining rituals such as the pachamanca, a common community gathering like no other. For those who like the off evening adventure, there are also a number of craft beers to quench any post (or pre!) expedition thirst. Be sure to ask us for our personal recommendations – its an area our team is are well versed in.

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The Andes

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