Cordillera Central, Colombia

Cerro Tusa & Jardín


Length: 2-3 days

Level: Intermediate

Price: $160


Summit bizarre and beautiful mountains and experience the real Colombia

Scale magical, butterfly-covered mountains and immerse yourself in timeless Antioquian culture

Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation and explore the best that Antioquia has to offer on the Cerro Tusa & Jardin expedition. Traversing lush green mountains and relaxing in stunning Antioquian pueblos is guaranteed to leave you in awe of Colombia. Over 3 days, you’ll come face-to-face with well-preserved, colonial architecture, climb the tallest natural pyramid in the world and bask in the tranquility of pueblo life.

Your first adventure will take you to the top of the world's tallest natural pyramid, Cerro Tusa. Sitting at a respectable 1,850m above sea level, the stunning views from the top will quite literally, and figuratively, take your breath away. On clear days you can see all the way to Nevado del Ruiz, the tallest snow-capped mountain in the region, as well as countless beautiful Antioquian mountains.

Hangout sipping strong coffee in the central square of one of the most beautiful pueblos in Antioquia, walk by the bright and colorful houses that are as warm and as welcoming as the people who live in them, and savor the sweet taste of the freshest coffee. You’ll find it very hard to leave these spectacular Colombian pueblos.

You’ll encounter a sense of timelessness in Antioquia as you soak up the kindness and sincerity of Colombians, who will offer you a cup of coffee every chance they get. Enjoy all this while surrounded by sprawling, green mountains, making it feel as if nature plans to reclaim the city.

Spend a day exploring the mountainous landscape and old, abandoned railroad tracks that have been out of use for over 50 years, and officially conquered by nature. This region of Antioquia is known for its beautiful mountains and abundant rivers and waterfalls, which you’ll experience by taking a magical bath in the cold, crystalline river water, and if you’re daring enough, a jump off of a nearby waterfall.

While in the land of coffee, how could we not visit a coffee farm? Your horse awaits to carry you through the mountains to a sprawling coffee farm set on the greenest hills where your welcoming host will verse you in the art of coffee production.

You’ll be enchanted by the charm, the delicious coffee, and the diversity of the landscape on the Cerro Tusa & Jardin expedition. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the very best of Colombia.

Customized options are available, including fully-inclusive travel itineraries, expedition services only, independent expedition support, and/or simply hiring a leading guide.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 -

Depart Medellin early in the morning with a stop in Amagá for a Paisa breakfast. Arrive at the stunning Cerro Tusa for a 5 hour epic journey to the top. Refuel with a hearty lunch in Venecia before heading to Jardín. Take a rest, explore the parque and enjoy the tranquility of beautiful Jardín.

Day 2 -

Enjoy an early breakfast, then saddle up your horse for a morning journey to a coffee farm. Partake in a traditional lunch surrounded by coffee fields and return to town on your horse. End the day with a sweet trip to the candy shop, El Jardín de los Dulces, followed by a delicious, traditional Paisa dinner.

Day 3 -

Embark on a relaxed morning hike to the waterfalls just outside Jardín to swim in the natural pools (charcos) and bask in the sun. After lunch, you'll travel to Palomos for an afternoon hike on the abandoned railroad tracks. Arrive back in Medellin just in time for dinner.

What's Included

Can be included

  • All in-country transport during trip
  • Hotel accommodations for specified time
  • Professional, certified English-speaking guides
  • First aid kit stocked for wilderness expeditions

Not usually included:

  • International flights and applicable airport taxes
  • Personal clothing and equipment
  • All food during in-town days except the Celebration Banquet
  • Incidental personal expenditures, including emergency evacuations and medical expenditures
  • Insurance: personal travel, high mountain and/or medical insurance

Scheduled Trips

28th Apr 2018 - 29th Apr 2018

This is 2 day expedition to Cerro Bravo & Jardín that includes a hike, horseback riding and a coffee farm visit. Dates are confirmed.

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12th May 2018 - 14th May 2018

This is 3 day expedition to Cerro Tusa & Jardín that includes a hike, horseback riding and a coffee farm visit. Dates are confirmed.

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