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Our Social Business model

31st January 2014

For Today’s entrepreneurs, solving social problems has become more important than getting rich. Discover what a social enterprise is and what is our perspective about it. 

What does it mean for an enterprise to be social? 

Over the past decade or so the term social enterprise has exploded into public discourse. Across a range of professional and community-based social provision and environmental protection, and in many countries, the term has been seen as an opportunity to create business that actively builds a more sustainable and socially equitable future.

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For the not-for-profit sector, social enterprise also represents an increased sophistication and a linking up with market based approaches. Likewise, for the private sector it is seen as a chance for business to wake up to the responsibilities of operating ethically. More broadly, social enterprise is one way in which our generation relates ubiquitous capitalism to socially progressive and environmentally responsible futures.

Benefits that a social enterprise brings along

As with any term social enterprise can also be used as cover for maintaining the status quo, for self-interest and continued economic dominance. However, with a critical eye one can see a movement of genuinely progressive organisations that are creating real change at both local and global levels. In many ways the most important criteria for social enterprise is the understanding that everything is interconnected and that despite the categorisation of the public, private and third sectors, we are in fact all in this together. Practical Action (one of our favourite NGOs) and the Innocence Foundation put it nicely in their video Chain of Good.

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A further benefit of social enterprise is its immediacy. In market democracies with highly consumerist societies, it is our individual purchasing power that allows the greatest choice-driven impact. Again, Social Enterprise UK describe this well in their video Join the Buy Social Revolution.

This is what Project Cordillera offers: the opportunity to undertake high mountain expeditions of life-changing proportions whilst at the same time helping to change the lives of others.

Here’s a further link from The Guardian’s Social Enterprise Network about how our generation is doing things differently. 


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