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Meet the Mountains: Alpamayo

23rd May 2014

Fall in love with the mountain that holds the reputation of being the most beautiful in the world; Then learn all you need to know before embarking on your Alpamayo Expedition.

The Cordillera Blanca stretches over a vast area 180km long and 21km wide with 33 major peaks over 5500m. An area this huge offers a great variety of outstanding beauty, and, of course, each peak boasts its own unique charm and incredible story. 

Alpamayo, the world’s most beautiful mountainimage

Alpamayo (5947m) was dubbed the world’s most beautiful mountain in an international survey among photographers and climbers conducted by an influential mountaineering magazine, Alpinismus, in July 1966. It’s all about the visuals. Distinguished by its unusual formation and overwhelming beauty, the mountain is a steep, almost perfect pyramid of ice with two sharp summits separated by a narrow corniced ridge, a photographer’s dream, and a climbers dream: The Alpamayo Expedition.

Best season to go

From May to September you can enjoy good weather conditions to climb Alpamayo. Prefer always the summer months; for instance, July would be the most ideal in terms of snow coverage and weather stability.

  • The French Direct: it starts from Cashapampa, a town located 3.700 m high, and goes up the Santa Cruz circuit. Nowadays is the most popular route, after reaching the summit, it is possible to get back to town on the same day.
Fitness level and experience required

Alpamayo, with 5947 meters high, is one of the most popular peaks in Perú. Don’t be surprised to find the camps quite busy especially in the summer season; The Ascent to Alpamayo is considered rather safe, however, for the best preparation possible, consider training ahead of your adventure and always save time for acclimatization. You might find this article helpful too: A Guide to Prepping Your Adventurous Vacation


Interesting Facts
  • A French-Belgian expedition originally claimed to have made the first ascent in 1951, however, perhaps overwhelmed by the mountain’s outstanding beauty, it was decided they had not reached the summit and a German expedition thus achieved this feat in 1957.
  • The mountain’s name itself comes from the Quechua Allpamayu, meaning earth river and emphasising the mountain’s connection with nature and the ancient communities who inhabit the area. A picture perfect pyramid, Alpamayo truly is the jewel of the Cordillera
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