The first of many…

27th May 2014

I write this sitting on a plane flying over the English Channel from London to Madrid. From Madrid I fly to Lima where I’ll arrive just in time for breakfast. I’m always struck how easy all this is: buy a flight, pack and be sure to be at the airport on time. Equally, whenever I fly, I always remember the first time on a plane as a child and that unique sense of amazement that such an object could be ever get off the ground. As I’ve grown older, I’ve also begun to understand how lucky I am to have these exotic and faraway experiences.


In flight. Photo by Charlotte Kesl.

I’m heading to Peru with a clear agenda to help Project Cordillera integrate two worlds. Our aim is to bring high quality mountain adventures and sustainable community development together, and to do so with quality, integrity and enjoyment at every turn. Over the course of the summer, when the huge skies over the Andes are at their peaceful best, we are offering a large range of awe-inspiring expeditions, all with a direct and significant social impact.


Wakhan 2010 Expedition, Afghanistan. Photo by Spike Reid.

As a social enterprise, we’re constantly evolving and this is a key moment for us. We’re not prescriptive or arrogant and we don’t think we know best. We’re learning, adapting and creating, through collaboration and in the interest of our customers, so that as we develop we’re in the best position possible to promote and source exciting adventures in Latin America. Simultaneously, we’re investing great energy to actively support our customers have the peace of mind to know that their exploration benefits all.

I’m overjoyed that over the course of the summer I’ll be joined by a number of leading professionals in the international development and sustainable tourism sectors, and that together with our partners and customers we’re creating unique and life-affirming experiences that make a real and significant difference. Furthermore, I’m thankful to everyone that has helped us get to this point. We believe in what we’re doing and we have ambitious plans as to how to achieve it. But like any adventure, one must always take a first step. The key, as ever, is to enjoy it! My view is that life is about moments, and we’re going to have plenty to remember!

By Sam Williams, Monday 26th May 2014

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