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The worst thing about international travel

1st April 2015

We’re collaborating to create a future of carbon neutral travel

Project Cordillera is all about promoting the wonderful Cordilleras of Peru and celebrating the landscapes, cultures and activities that make the Andes unique. It is also about discovering, selecting and working with only the highest quality guides, operators and social development initiatives.

However, none of this faces up to the major problem of international air travel and the pollution and climate change inevitably connected with our adventures to far-flung lands. There is no one stop solution to the complex web of problems that our behaviour continues to have on the environment. However, we believe that human innovation – and the way we think and act in the world – hold many of the answers to the problems we face.


As such, in 2015 we’re happy to announce that we will again be supporting the brilliant Bloomtrigger Project. This means that all of us at Project Cordillera and those we help to plan and undertake their adventures will be investing in the protection and replanting of one of the world’s largest ‘carbon sinks’, the mighty Amazon Rainforest. 

We’re proud to be part of a wave of change in adventure travel, meaning we can all rest assured that we’re having an overall positive impact when exploring the wonderful mountains. We are hopeful that the future of travel is mindful, fulfilling and engaging and takes into account social, economic and environmental sustainability, both globally and locally.


Our partnership with the Bloomtrigger Project mitigates the global issue of man-made climate change. At a local level, the Guias Locales Programme remains centred on an innate appreciation and respect of nature and the surrounding environment. This year we’re also supporting the further inclusion of two special sessions of environmental training, to be led by an international group of researchers. In return, the researchers will be led by the local guides, getting the opportunity to discover for themselves the many ways in which the locals are adapting to change in the Andes.

By Sam Williams for Project Cordillera, Wednesday 25 March 2015. 

All images by Charlotte Kesl and Sam Williams for Project Cordillera.

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