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Getting your Adventures Funded

15th December 2016

Project Cordillera specialises in unique and meaningful expeditions to remote mountain areas of Peru. As a team, we have extensive experience in expedition planning throughout South America and beyond, as well as a bunch of know-how in terms of getting exciting expeditions funded. Here are 5 key tips to help garner support for your expedition idea:

1. Make it unique – The most important thing about any expedition is that it is unique. Begin crafting your proposal by contacting leaders of previous expeditions in the area, getting in touch with community organizations and conducting proper research. All of these resources will provide you invaluable information as you create a unique and informed expedition. Consider making your proposal approach unique as well, let your potential sponsor know what seperates your expedition from the guy’s down the street.

2. Make it tailored – Think about your audience and what will attract interest and engagement from them. Every adventure needs some sort of unique selling point, there needs to be a story. Many funders are more willing to support your expedition if it speaks to their interests or values. Reach out to organizations, companies, and individuals with customized proposals. Can you offer them anything, such as writing a story for their blog or offering some awesome photos for them to share on social media? Use personalized messages and build a rapport with potential funders. After all, you’d rather support someone you know and respect than a random stranger.



3. Make it genuine – Be sure to make your expedition proposal genuine and not just a gimmick to get support for your traveling! There are countless adventure and research expedition opportunities out there: just make sure that the one you choose is right for you, and isn’t just for the sake of having a proposal. In other words, don’t chase the funding. Everyone involved in your expedition – especially you – will gain much more from something that is true to you (or your team) and that furthers your interest of the subject and/or activity.

4. Make it simple – You need to be able to communicate your expedition clearly and concisely. In the short term, you’re much more likely to be successful if you can present your idea clearly and confidently, and with genuine enthusiasim about what you’re hoping to achieve. Your proposal is not the only one potential funders will receive, they’ll appreciate a straightforward, short approach. A great start would be to set up a website/blog for your adventure and get active on social media. That way, you can direct funders to these to find out further information and let them know how serious you are.


5. Make it count – Soliciting funding can be challenging and requires a lot of time and resources. Our best advice to you: give each expedition your dedicated time and attention. Don’t half-ass development, planning or fundraising for your adventure. Once funders and sponsors recongnise your drive and commitment, receiving funding for additional adventures will be much easier.

We know how tricky it can be to raise funding for your expedition, but by being genuine, committed and keeping things simple, you’ll have much more success. Best of luck and be sure to send us some pictures!

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