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Bienvenidos a Colombia | Project Cordillera Launches in Colombia

20th June 2017

Nevado del Tolima

Bienvenidos a Colombia!

It seems like only moments ago that I wrote about the Evolution of Project Cordillera back in January 2016… Oh, how the time flies when you’re having fun!

Over a year later, the progress we’ve made continues to snowball. We have more Partners, more opportunities, more people joining our community and more adventures.

Back then, I wrote of Project Cordillera…

“It would be a project that gave back to local communities by supporting them in their efforts to support themselves. It would celebrate the Andes – the mountains, the places and it’s people, and it would encourage mindful travel that helps realise the adventures and possibilities that are out there. It would attempt to make our experience of travel better, happier and healthier, by developing real connections between experiences as tourists and the change that communities are making in their own lives.”

This ideal has driven us since our founding and now, has led us to the next stage in our evolution.

project cordillera

Project Cordillera Launches Expeditions in Colombia!

In 2017 we will be helping adventurous souls explore the truly magnificent country of Colombia. ‘Magical’ is an overused phrase when it comes to most tourism blurbs. It is certainly overused when referencing the land of Márquez. But sometimes, there is no other way to spin it, no other way to condense it down to just one word.

Colombia is truly magical. With a Caribbean coast, a Pacific coast, mountain ranges and Amazon jungle, the country really does have it all. Alongside this stunning natural beauty is something else. Something that can’t be exported, something intangible. The people are warm and friendly and happy to share their incredible country. There is a spirit and a vibrance to the place that permeates the culture. Whether it is dancing salsa in Cali, horse riding in Salento, sampling Aguardiente in Medellin, or watching humpback whales on the Pacific coast – you won’t be able to take a photo of it, but if you’re lucky, you just might take a little bit home with you.

As always, we’re here to make sure you have the perfect trip, tailored to you. Moreover, did you know our team is actually based in Colombia? That’s right, Sam Williams (one of our co-founders), Maria Ranallo (our story-telling whiz), and Natalia Franco (our principle friend-maker) are all based in Medellín. We’ve been traveling in this exceptional country over many years, including exploring the wilds of El Cocuy, Los Nevados and much more. So anyway, get in touch and let us spread a little magic together. 🙂

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