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Sustainable Tourism and Travel Technology | 2017 Travel Trends

13th July 2017

Travel trends

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) recently published its 5 key travel trends and destinations for 2017, and the insights are great. From microadventures to the Azores and sustainable tourism, the report contains some useful information.

Here at Project Cordillera we are especially keen on the trends n°4: Travel Technology, and n°5: Sustainable Tourism. Sustainable tourism is at the heart of our commitment to our clients, the partnerships we develop with mountain communities in the Andes and our beautiful planet.

Travel Technology: What’s in Store for the Future?

Travel technology is a passion of our team and we hope to make it easier than ever for people to access and customize their own adventures. Travel tech is allowing people to keep track of their footprint, travel greener, and explore in a responsible way that incorporates learning and adventure.

From virtual reality explorations of hotels and destinations that allow you to experience places without even leaving your community to AirBnB experience trips, travel technology is more interesting and involved than ever before. Along with making travel more accessible, technology has the power to change the way we explore destinations.

Sustainable Tourism Takes Center Stage

Even the UN has declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, which means more and more organizations are beginning to pay attention to the impact that tourism has, both negative and positive, on the communities and environments where people travel. As protectors of mountain environments, we want to help create a world where mountain expeditions are sustainable as standard and where mountain cultures are always given the respect they deserve.

Last year, Project Cordillera’s local guide partners in Peru, offered atypical high standard expeditions in the Andes. Check out the Huascaran Expedition, you will love it! It is the best way to combine discovery, activity and you can even add a dose of personal challenge that will make you feel proud.  Besides, Project Cordillera reinvests 50% of its profits to the communities and organizations in the Andes where we work. We believe that tourism is a collaboration that must benefit all and we must take responsibility to protect the rich biodiversity of our planet if we want to continue to enjoy the beauty of the earth for generations to come.

Check out the other trends and best places to visit compiled by the ABTA in the Travel Trends Report.

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