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Peaks & Pueblos | An Immersive Adventure in Jericó

17th May 2018

Last weekend, Peaks & Pueblos, in partnership with Project Cordillera and Colombia Immersion, completed its first 3-day tour in Antioquía. We’d like to send a huge thanks to everyone that joined us and to all of our partners who made everything possible, we had a great time and are looking forward to more trips to Jericó. Join us for the next Peaks & Pueblos trip in June, we’ll head back to Jericó. Read on for more information.

Day 1 | Ferrocarril in Los Palomos

With a great group of friends and Spanish-language students the trip started on the abandoned railroad tracks outside of Amaga, an hour from Medellín. The hike is a beautiful jungle trail that follows what used to be the railway. Along the path are a few old train stations and small restaurants serving juices and empanadas, great for a break on a sunny day in the jungle. We finished our night at the wonderful Casa Coffee in Jericó with a huge BBQ and beers.







Day 2 | Jericó

Waking up in Jericó is a very peaceful experience. This pueblo about 3 hours south of Medellín is a coffee lovers paradise and perfect for those looking to bask in Paisa culture and explore nature. With the cloud forest, Parque de los Nubes, an hours walk from town, you are never far from a stunning view. Our day started with a traditional breakfast and a 2-hour long horse riding session through the coffee plantations outside of town. We ended with a hike to the cloud forest so we could take in the view and partake in a little adventure. The park is quiet and often shrouded in fog, and most likely, you’ll be the only one there. That night we enjoyed a birthday dinner with the owner of Casa Coffee in Jericó, delicious pumpkin curry!








Day 3 | Cerro Tusa (The Pyramid Challenge)

An early morning, traditional breakfast is just the thing needed to prepare for climbing Cerro Tusa. Cerro Tusa is supposedly the world’s tallest natural pyramid and it’s located just outside of Venecia in Antioquía, roughly an hour from Medellín. It’s 1850 meters high and a steep climb from the start to the top where you’ll scramble over rocks and tree roots. Bring a pair of gloves, sun protection and friends that like challenges! We had a great time and almost made it back before the rain.








Join us for the next Peaks & Pueblos trip! We’ve got new itineraries and promise to take you on a great adventure in Antioquia.

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