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Why you should get out of the city and go hiking

16th August 2018

There is a big wave in travelers seeking adventure. They are going into the wild, hiking, doing meditation retreats, and other activities related to mental, physical and emotional health. What they share is this desire to “escape the city”, and all the stress that today’s life brings with it.

Science demonstrates the benefits that being in a natural environment brings to your general wellness. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or just going for a walk can positively impact your life more than you could have imagined.


Connecting with nature elevates your mental health. In research from the University of British Columbia, it was demonstrated how an immersion in nature can bring “true healing” to your mental health; this includes the capacity to be present in the moment, avoiding thoughts about the past or anticipations about the future.

Mindfulness is the consciousness of the moment; allowing yourself to observe your emotional and mental activity without being distracted, pulled or driven by incoming emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness facilitates clearer judgement and more creative and focused responses to situations of everyday life.


It can bring out the best in people

 Studies and observations in Psychotherapy, have proven that mental health and wellbeing improves when people feel connected with something outside of themselves. More specifically, this happens when people develop the capacity to care about the needs of something else beyond.

Being in a natural environment changes your perception of how you interact with the world. Basking in nature brings you out of your internal world and connects you with what is arround. The result of this is that you discover more caring and loving aspects of yourself; as a consequence, you think of better ways of having a positive  impact on society.

Moral of the story: Get Outside and go hiking!

Photos taken from: unsplash.com

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