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Must Watch: Why I Live a Zero Waste Life

24th September 2018

Learn how to live a zero waste life by shopping package-free, making your own products and refusing plastic and single-use items. 

Lauren Singer graduated from Environmental Studies at NYU; then, she was the Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. In the last 3 years, she has produced less than 16 oz of waste!

Today, she is the author of the Trash is for Tossers blog and founder of the organic cleaning product company The Simply Co. Through her work Lauren has empowered millions of people to produce less waste by shopping package-free, making their own products and refusing plastic and single-use items. As a  result, her Work has been recognized by CNN, Fox Business, the BBC, among other recognized companies.

To learn more on how to help reducing plastic consumption, read our article “Tips for a Plastic Free World”.
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