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Slow Tourism: In Praise of Slowing Things Down…

27th September 2018

Rediscover the importance of slowing things down, of giving yourself the opportunity to connect what what is around you, of advocating for quality over quantity: accept our invitation to engage in slow tourism
An invitation to create positive connections

Here at Project Cordillera, we pride ourselves on our social mission: transforming adventure travel and contributing to sustainable, positive tourism.

A global shift in tourism practices will require a shift in people’s mind-sets.  We have previously shared our top tips for a sustainable mountain adventure and explored our problem with plastic. Both of which advocate for a more considered approach to adventure travel.  A need to slow things down. A need for slow tourism.

Slow tourism has spawned from the slow food movement, the original advocates for changing-gears to a slower pace of life.  You may well have the feeling that the adjective slow is haphazardly added to all  industries that are seeking a 2018-rebrand; therefore, tapping into the global wellbeing trend and offering an antidote to our increasingly hectic lifestyles.  Well, let us appease your mind: this prefix is a welcome and much needed addition to the tourism industry.

Too often travel involves rushing from one airport to the next, keen to cram in sight after sight, and complete a tightly packed two-week itinerary.  The result? More often than not, we wind-up more tired than before our so-called break and have left a trail of cultural and environmental destruction in our wake.

Slow tourism is an invitation to create positive connections with our selves, cultures and environments.  It advocates for quality over quantity: travelling to fewer destinations and spending more time in each. A slower pace of travel allows us to respect and absorb the energies and intricacies of a place.  And so at the end of our travel we have a rich tapestry of intense memories, and have built connections to the local cultures and environments.

Slow doesn’t mean less fun!

I hear the grumbles of the more adventurous among us. Extreme, exhilarating, exciting – these are all words that we associate with adventure. But, slow?  Slow tourism may seem at odds with an adventurous spirit: but adventure need not be fast. Let’s give our environments the timeframe they deserve. Slow adventure travel has certainly caught on in northern Europe: check out ‘nothing is happening week’ in Finland’s Salla village, an event that provocatively bids you to experience the silence and freedom of wilderness in the middle of nowhere.

Unhappily reducing some of the greatest wonders of the world to a tick-box exercise – Machu Picchu, we are looking at you – is not the way forward.

So, let’s slow-things down! Let’s rediscover our child-like wonderment of the great outdoors and in doing so we adventurers can build sustainable and positive connections to the places we go.


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