5 Reasons to Get Out Hiking in 2020

16th January 2020

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Welcome to the roaring 20’s!

The New Year can be an energetic time full of friends, family and fresh ways of thinking. However, for some it can be a socially stressful time where you think you are “obligated” to make new goals, new habits and essentially try to become a better version of yourself, often with a heavy focus on your physical health.


But we propose a new mindset to make 2020 the year that we focus on the activities and on the people that bring us joy the most. What better way is there to get the year off on the right foot than to grabbing a buddy, dusting of the old hiking boots, and stepping out into the fresh air?!

Many of us make these new goals when the New Year comes around. How often do these resolutions last before they fizzle out? Some last a couple days and some even make it a month.  People enroll in the gym, they run, they take Pilate classes, and the list goes on.  Let’s spice it up and take it outdoors!

Here are five reasons why you should make hiking a priority in 2020:

1. Experience Breath-taking Views and Perspectives


Whether you take a day trip outside of your hometown or you pack up and go for multiple days, there are special sights to be enjoyed and appreciated when you allow for a little hiking. Whether you are admiring the beautiful summit of a mountain or you are setting off on a leisurely scroll in the woods or at the coast, natural environments are seriously good for your health and wellbeing, and make for the perfect escape.

2. Hiking is Brilliant Exercise


If your New Year’s resolution was directed towards getting into shape, this can be an excuse to motivate you to prepare and stay active to perform at your best while hiking. This will also help prevent injuries!

It is important to remember that even the small hikes count as exercise! But remember to take it slow and understand your physical ability too. Some hikes are more strenuous than others, so do your research and put in the correct training if necessary.

3. Hiking Can Help Expand Your Social Circle


Finding like-minded people to share the experience with can be that much more rewarding, and seems to naturally help form bonds and friendships in a way almost no other activity does. Maybe it’s something to do with the experience of being on a journey together, in mutual pursuit of a destination.

4. Hiking Saves You Money


Well, kind of! Depending on how much equipment you already own, you may save money in the long run. Many places either have annual/daily fees and when they are paid, you are set to go. However, the vast majority of wild places have no cost whatsoever, and nor should there!

Once you have a pair of decent walking boots (or even just some sports shoes), there are very little costs whatsoever. Of course, you can have all the Gore-Tex extras, which is great, but at the end of the day, hiking is extremely accessible and is a great way to spend your time at little to no cost.

5. It Reconnects You With Yourself and With Nature

There is nothing better than reaching your final destination, sitting down, drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea and taking in the natural surroundings. Whether feeling the wind on your cheeks or listening to the sounds of the woodlands, walking in nature is one of the most mindful activities most of us have the chance to do. Hiking can of course be very sociable, but it is also a time for moments of reflection and connection with what surrounds you in the present moment and with yourself.


The most important reason to hike is, of course, to HAVE FUN! This will be something that accompanies you though each and every trail that you do with the right mindset. Every time you put on those boots and pack your bag, you will knowingly come back with loads of experiences and stories. Enjoy this time, be yourself in nature, make new friends, get those miles in, and enjoy 2020 the way we intend to: hiking more!






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