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Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains

Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains!

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Adventure with a purpose

Adventure is at the heart of everything Project Cordillera does. We explore, investigate and experience as much as we can and share the best of what we’ve found. All of this while trying to have fun and straddling those slippery slopes of ‘development’ and social justice. Our feeling is very much that to be sustainable, […]

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Must Watch: Stunning Horizons

A must watch video that takes you through images of beautiful mountain landscapes, truly breath taking!

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Must Watch Video: Across the Andes by Matt Collins

Ahh, the beautiful Andes Feast your eyes on this little video, showing a glimpse of what awaits in your next adventure across South America and its amazing mountains. Made by Matt Collins 

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5 Tips to Consider when Planning your Next Adventure Trip

Discover our top 5 tips to consider when planing your next Adventure trip. As one of the world’s largest industries, you may well being asking yourself “what can I do?” but every tourist has social and moral responsibility to travel in a sustainable way. By using your voice as a consumer, you can change the attitudes […]

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Must Watch: Slackline challenge!

A Must Watch Video: slackline challenge by the Skyliners from France.  And you, when was the las time that you pushed yourself to the limit?

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What We Mean by Social Enterprise

Discover what we mean by social enterprise and why we work “not-for-profit” and “beyond profit” sectors. Often we are asked why we work in the “not-for-profit” and social enterprise sectors. Believe it or not, it is not usually because we are do-gooders who want to change the world for the better – although there is of […]

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Must Watch: Getting out there, making us Happy!

A Must Watch Video by Jan Eric Euler: Getting out there. Making us happy! “No matter where we are from or how we look, and aside of what we define as the meaning of life, most of us want to be happy. For the majority of us, freedom means happinness. When asked what freedom is […]

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Must Watch: Into the mind

Watch this incredible and captivating video, “Into the Mind” by The North Face and Sherpas Cinema. It is definitedly a reminder on how amazing landscapes we get to feel, explore and enjoy with adventure sports. If only we dare to go out from our comfort zone, and accept challenges, risks and whatever nature gives us to […]

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To Create Social Value: Project Cordillera Approach

As a social enterprise, Project Cordillera’s central motivator is creating social value. This means that the partnerships we have forged with community-based development organisations, and the local communities of which they are part, are central to our operations as an ethical business. So, how does this work in practice? Well, in partnership with leading guiding […]

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