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Discover Motivating Stories for Magical Adventure Travel

Interview with Sadie Quarrier: National Geographic Magazine’s Sr. Photo Editor of Expeditions

Charlotte Kesl: What draws you to adventure and expedition storytelling? Sadie Quarrier: What I love about my adventure and exploration beat is the community of photographers, videographers and athletes (adventurers, climbers, mountaineers, etc.) that this allows me to work with daily. They’re high energy, driven, and talented as artists but also push themselves often to […]

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Come with us and join the buy-social revolution

Come with us and join the buy-social revolution! Here’s a great little video explaining how your spending power can help change the world, as it does when you join one of our expeditions. Thanks goes to Social Enterprise UK and John Bird. We’re so happy to be with you as part of this change!

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The do’s (and, eventually, don’ts) of building a social enterprise

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to have been around many people trying to create social enterprises – businesses with a social aim at their core – across industries as diverse as travel, healthcare and micro-finance. As Project Cordillera matures, and goes on its own journey, I wanted to share some of the things we’re […]

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Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru

Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru Just how important is adventure mountain tourism to the local economies of Peru – find out here.

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Stunning video about the weight of mountains

Stunning video about The Weight of Mountains, beautifully presented. Geology is fascinating when it comes to these beacons of time and space.

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Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains

Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains!

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Adventure with a purpose

Adventure is at the heart of everything Project Cordillera does. We explore, investigate and experience as much as we can and share the best of what we’ve found. All of this while trying to have fun and straddling those slippery slopes of ‘development’ and social justice. Our feeling is very much that to be sustainable, […]

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Must Watch: Stunning Horizons

A must watch video that takes you through images of beautiful mountain landscapes, truly breath taking!

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Must Watch Video: Across the Andes by Matt Collins

Ahh, the beautiful Andes Feast your eyes on this little video, showing a glimpse of what awaits in your next adventure across South America and its amazing mountains. Made by Matt Collins 

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Must Watch: Slackline challenge!

A Must Watch Video: slackline challenge by the Skyliners from France.  And you, when was the las time that you pushed yourself to the limit?

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