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The best of moving imagery from the Andes and beyond

Climbing in Huayllay

Need another reason to fall in love with Peru? The Cordillera’s are also rock climber’s paradise. Check out this video from the climbers in Huayllay District.

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Belief: Skoll World Forum

An inspiring short film from our friends at the Skoll World Forum. Impactful reminder of the transformative power of social enterprise and what it could mean for the world.

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Perú Trailer

Our friends over at GLP Films have made this nice little video introducing Perú. Check it out.

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For the Love of Mountains

A little trip through some of the world’s most famous mountains – as seen in animated form. Film by Al Boardman

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Take a glimpse from the 2015 expedition to climb the huge East Face of Jirishinca in the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru. Some really beautiful footage of the mountains and this crazy team of alpinists. Video by Hans Hornberger

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Vultures are protrolling Lima’s Skys

Awesome film about a cool project to clean up Lima’s streets. Attaching GPS devices and GoPros to birds may seem crazy, but the Peruvian Environment Ministry together with US Aid are doing it just that. The project’s called Gallinazo Avisa, and it’s designed to help authorities identify litterers and the geography of fly tippers off loading their […]

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Basic Ice Climbing Techniques

Leading British climber Dave Macleod shows you how it’s done. Discover some basic ice climbing techniques, and – as he says – make sure you stay calm, collected and in control. Once you’ve got that down, you’re on to a winner, and you won’t look back. Video by Ellis Brigham.

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Adventure in the Andes

New Year, New Adventures! Here’s a little film from last year’s climbing and hiking season down in Peru. We had an incredible few months in the Cordilleras Blanca, Negra and Huayhuash, working with some amazing guides as well as some incredible communities, NGOs, and others. We met so many incredible people and had some serious […]

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Mountains of the Mind, Omar Samra

We had the pleasure of meeting Omar earlier this year and listening to him speak. If it’s inspiration you’re after, look no further. This is an incredible story from an incredible man, and – as if we’d forgotten – it illustrates perfectly the remarkable interconnectedness of mountains and life.

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Climbing is Awesome

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