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All Your Need Before Setting Off On Your Adventure

Meet the Mountains: Huascarán

The Cordillera Blanca stretches over a vast area 180km long and 21km wide with 33 major peaks over 5500m. An area this huge offers a great variety of outstanding beauty, and, of course, each peak boasts its own unique charm and incredible story.  Standing tall at 6768m, Huascarán looms over the surrounding area. The highest […]

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I Hate Gravity

Myself and Willy, prior to our ascent of Yanapaqcha’s West Face. There are occasions in ones life when one really doesn’t know what they are doing. Walking into a room and suddenly forgetting why you are there. Waking up in a hotel room and having no idea where you are. Sitting in lectures, sitting in […]

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Stunning video about the weight of mountains

Stunning video about The Weight of Mountains, beautifully presented. Geology is fascinating when it comes to these beacons of time and space.

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5 Tips to Consider when Planning your Next Adventure Trip

Discover our top 5 tips to consider when planing your next Adventure trip. As one of the world’s largest industries, you may well being asking yourself “what can I do?” but every tourist has social and moral responsibility to travel in a sustainable way. By using your voice as a consumer, you can change the attitudes […]

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