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Adventure with purpose

Unique and meaningful travel that positively impacts people, the environment, and local economies

Our purpose is to transform adventure travel and contribute to meaningful, positive tourism by building connections between adventurers and the places they go. By integrating this connection with sustainable development, we aim to help shift the international development paradigm by celebrating the people and places of mountain destinations.

We find, promote and support the best local guides and services. We connect travellers with exceptional outfits, expeditions and opportunities. We know the destinations we promote and encourage integrated travel opportunities that support local people. We also work with initiatives to protect local communities, cultures and the environment.


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Adventure travel supporting communities who support themselves

When done well, expeditions support the destinations where you travel. By employing a holistic approach of social, environmental, and economic sustainable development, your travel helps to support incredible communities and their way of life.


People are at the heart of travel. Regardless of the destination, travel that seeks to understand the local way of life builds powerful cultural exchanges, mutual respect and empathy, and shines a light on our human connection.


Adventure travel would not exist without the natural environment and beauty of destinations. Minimising impacts on the environment creates healthier, happier places for local communities to live and for travelers to visit.


Incredible travel happens when the wealth generated from tourism benefits local people and businesses. It means that communities can reinvest in themselves, their self-determined development and the ways in which they grow.

Education for development

By supporting education, our adventures contribute to individuals and communities alike. Changing the lives of young people, education is the greatest force for a better future. Taking that education outside and into the mountains furthers that sense of discovery.

Protecting Mountains

Mountains are a source of sustenance to many people, but they are also hugely susceptible to human impact and are home to some of Earth’s most fragile ecosystems. All our expeditions support reforestation initiatives to help protect and conserve mountain environments.

Promoting Local Expertise

Mountain regions are at the very edge of the global economy. However, our services support the travel and guiding sectors, bringing fair income, improving training and standards, and helping us all to fight poverty and inequality through the way we travel.

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