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Is there more to spending time outside than exercise and fresh air?

By Josh Davies 54% of humans live in urban environments, a number that is set to continue and steadily increase. There are a lot of benefits to living in the city and arguments both for and against it from an environmental stand point. Whatever your beliefs in this area one key problem that arises from city living is the lack […]

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The biggest risk is not taking any at all

“The biggest risk is not taking any at all.”

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Happy New Year from Project Cordillera!

“Put people and planet and having a good time, before everything!” Cheers to 2014! And, what a year it turned out to be. Firstly, a huge shout out goes to all of you for helping make it happen. The last 12 months has been a hugely collaborative, informative and enjoyable process. Working together we delivered a number of exceptional-quality and sustainable adventures in the magnificent Andes. There were many, […]

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Finding yourself in the unknown

Unlike the founders of Project Cordillera, I’ve always been a city boy. I never had that instinctive connection with the outdoors that they grew up with. Over the last decade I’ve begun to realise that whilst I might feel most at home in cities and towns – where I’m surrounded by my friends, community and things to do […]

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Base jumping from the Huandoy Massif

A must watch video: base jumping from the Huandoy Massif. Simply epic!

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A tribute to discomfort

A Tribute to Discomfort

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Why We Climb: Piolet d’Or Honorees on the Value of a Life in the Mountains

Why We Climb: Piolet d’Or Honorees on the Value of a Life in the Mountains The first night of the 22nd Piolets d’Or, Kazakh climber Denis Urubko summed it up: Mountains (and oceans) are the last wild places on Earth. We go to these places to remember we are humans in nature, to seek lessons from […]

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Interview with Sadie Quarrier: National Geographic Magazine’s Sr. Photo Editor of Expeditions

Charlotte Kesl: What draws you to adventure and expedition storytelling? Sadie Quarrier: What I love about my adventure and exploration beat is the community of photographers, videographers and athletes (adventurers, climbers, mountaineers, etc.) that this allows me to work with daily. They’re high energy, driven, and talented as artists but also push themselves often to […]

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Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains

Sounds like poets should join us in the mountains!

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Adventure with a purpose

Adventure is at the heart of everything Project Cordillera does. We explore, investigate and experience as much as we can and share the best of what we’ve found. All of this while trying to have fun and straddling those slippery slopes of ‘development’ and social justice. Our feeling is very much that to be sustainable, […]

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