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5 Delicious Lunch Spots in Medellín

If you’re coming from a part of the world where dinner is the culinary delight of the day, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that lunch is the highlight in Medellin. Colombia’s second largest city, boasts a growing food scene. Whether you’re only in town for a few days or you’ve been here awhile, be […]

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Lima’s Food Revolution

The starting point for almost all Peruvian adventures is the country’s capital, Lima. This enormous city holds as many people as London and is bustling with a wealth of sites to see, food to eat, and things to do. You are bound to meet travellers of all calibers here; backpackers making their way through South […]

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5 TopTips for Eating Out in Huaraz

Out in Huaraz and don’t know where to go for the best local food? No worries! we got your back on this, discover the best places and the must have tips befofe going out. They say an army marches on its stomach. I say that no trip would be complete without getting to know the […]

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