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Project Cordillera Peru How It Works

Peru: Geography, History and Culture

Before you embark on your trip to Peru, be sure to brush up on your geography, history, and culture. Don’t have a trip planned? Then, you won’t want to miss our latest expeditions to this incredible, captivating country. Geography The Peruvian Andes offer a wide variety of environments. From massive glaciated peaks to sparkling turquoise lakes, ruby-colored […]

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Must Read: Colombia Travel Information, all you need to know!

Colombia is an unforgettable land of music, coffee, friendships, diversity and stunning landscapes. It’s not to be missed. While what you will find below is not comprehensive, but it is a good start for beginning to understand the country you are about to visit. If you need more Colombia travel information, be sure to look […]

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44 Years Ago Today – Remembering the Great Peruvian Earthquake

On this day 44 years ago, as people sat down to watch hosts Mexico play the Soviet Union in the opening game of the 1970 World Cup, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of South America. The Great Peruvian Earthquake, as it came to be known, was felt as far away as […]

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