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Lima’s Food Revolution

The starting point for almost all Peruvian adventures is the country’s capital, Lima. This enormous city holds as many people as London and is bustling with a wealth of sites to see, food to eat, and things to do. You are bound to meet travellers of all calibers here; backpackers making their way through South […]

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Vultures are protrolling Lima’s Skys

Awesome film about a cool project to clean up Lima’s streets. Attaching GPS devices and GoPros to birds may seem crazy, but the Peruvian Environment Ministry together with US Aid are doing it just that. The project’s called Gallinazo Avisa, and it’s designed to help authorities identify litterers and the geography of fly tippers off loading their […]

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International Mountain Day: Celebrating the Cordilleras

Today, 11 December 2014, is the UN World Tourism Organisation’s International Mountain Day. Join us and raise your glasses! They are the world’s undisputed water towers, providing 70% of the planet’s fresh water. Mountains feed rivers, pastoral lands, towns and cities; they are at the frontline of our environmental fragility. The people of the Cordilleras know this reality […]

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The first of many…

I write this sitting on a plane flying over the English Channel from London to Madrid. From Madrid I fly to Lima where I’ll arrive just in time for breakfast. I’m always struck how easy all this is: buy a flight, pack and be sure to be at the airport on time. Equally, whenever I […]

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What to do when you’re not climbing a mountain

Eat to your heart’s content With a remarkably original and varied cuisine, influenced by Italian, Chinese, African and Spanish traditions, combined with techniques and flavours of indigenous foods, Peru is truly heaven for the gourmand in all of us. From world class restaurants to authentic street food, Peru offers you umpteen opportunities to overindulge. Tempt […]

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