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Credit where credit is due, the Himalayas are pretty spectacular too

We obviously prefer the Andes (better weather, better conditions, more accessible, less bureaucracy, etc, etc.). However, credit where credit is due, the Himalayas are pretty spectacular too, as this video shows.

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Perú: Mountain Country

Perú: Mountain Country This week marks the publication of Perú: Mountain Country, a bilingual study on the affects of climate change on the Cordilleras of Perú. Produced by Perú’s Ministry of Environment (MINAM), and written in both Spanish and English, the report provides a storyboard capturing how environmental change is affecting the lives of people […]

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Finding yourself in the unknown

Unlike the founders of Project Cordillera, I’ve always been a city boy. I never had that instinctive connection with the outdoors that they grew up with. Over the last decade I’ve begun to realise that whilst I might feel most at home in cities and towns – where I’m surrounded by my friends, community and things to do […]

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Sometimes life…

Sometimes life puts an obstacle in your path. Sometimes small, little things that can be easily overcome. Sometimes bigger and sometimes unexpected. Sometimes you can see them coming from miles away and sometimes you inexplicably fall into them. Travelling condenses this down to a barrage of nuisances. Mountaineering then reduces it to an almost binary […]

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The World Beyond the World

The World Beyond the World – Encapsulates well the feeling of being in the mountains. Lovely! (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

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What does empathy have to do with exploration?

Mountain Shadow Phenomenon seen from Volcán Tajumulco, Guatemala  Perspective in the mountains is a unique and remarkable thing. Not only do mountains illustrate the minute size of a single human life, which they do with sometimes overwhelming clarity, they also play host to spectacular displays of light as well as incredible natural wonders such as the Brocken […]

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Stunning video about the weight of mountains

Stunning video about The Weight of Mountains, beautifully presented. Geology is fascinating when it comes to these beacons of time and space.

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Must Watch: Stunning Horizons

A must watch video that takes you through images of beautiful mountain landscapes, truly breath taking!

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