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Marie’s Story: Hiking Los Nevados

It is official.  My midlife crisis has just sky-rocketed to a whole new level.  The travel bug all started with a hiking trip to Kilimanjaro in 2010, and for quite some time after my idea of travelling consisted of a tick box exercise of the latest bucket list of things to do before the grand […]

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Is there more to spending time outside than exercise and fresh air?

By Josh Davies 54% of humans live in urban environments, a number that is set to continue and steadily increase. There are a lot of benefits to living in the city and arguments both for and against it from an environmental stand point. Whatever your beliefs in this area one key problem that arises from city living is the lack […]

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The biggest risk is not taking any at all

“The biggest risk is not taking any at all.”

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Inspiring stuff on what draws us to nature

Inspiring stuff on what draws us to nature. Simply, WOW! For best results, watch on fullscreen.

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Must Watch: Getting out there, making us Happy!

A Must Watch Video by Jan Eric Euler: Getting out there. Making us happy! “No matter where we are from or how we look, and aside of what we define as the meaning of life, most of us want to be happy. For the majority of us, freedom means happinness. When asked what freedom is […]

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