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What to do when you’re not climbing a mountain

Eat to your heart’s content With a remarkably original and varied cuisine, influenced by Italian, Chinese, African and Spanish traditions, combined with techniques and flavours of indigenous foods, Peru is truly heaven for the gourmand in all of us. From world class restaurants to authentic street food, Peru offers you umpteen opportunities to overindulge. Tempt […]

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How magical Machu Picchu is, the perfect place to be in love

How magical Machu Picchu is, the perfect place to be in love. If you’re planning on visiting the historic site whilst in Peru, drop us a line and we’ll give you some insider’s advice.

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Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru

Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru Just how important is adventure mountain tourism to the local economies of Peru – find out here.

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Must Watch Video: Across the Andes by Matt Collins

Ahh, the beautiful Andes Feast your eyes on this little video, showing a glimpse of what awaits in your next adventure across South America and its amazing mountains. Made by Matt Collins 

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Must Watch: Into the mind

Watch this incredible and captivating video, “Into the Mind” by The North Face and Sherpas Cinema. It is definitedly a reminder on how amazing landscapes we get to feel, explore and enjoy with adventure sports. If only we dare to go out from our comfort zone, and accept challenges, risks and whatever nature gives us to […]

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Our Social Business model

For Today’s entrepreneurs, solving social problems has become more important than getting rich. Discover what a social enterprise is and what is our perspective about it.  What does it mean for an enterprise to be social?  Over the past decade or so the term social enterprise has exploded into public discourse. Across a range of professional […]

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The Beginning

Find out what makes you happy then go and make it happen! The idea for Project Cordillera was born amongst the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca in May 2013. I had climbed and trekked in these mountains before but the unique beauty of the Peruvian Andes and the communities that live there does not die hard. […]

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