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Belief: Skoll World Forum

An inspiring short film from our friends at the Skoll World Forum. Impactful reminder of the transformative power of social enterprise and what it could mean for the world.

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Project Cordillera’s Catalyst Program: Research Officer

Overview:  Supporting our policy and impact, monitoring and evaluation, and the development of sustainability partnerships, the Research Manager’s main tasks will involve refining and delivering research briefs as assigned by the Head of Sustainability. You will contribute to the campaigns discourse as well as liaising with development partners and potential partners – both in Latin […]

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The Evolution of Project Cordillera

It’s hard to tell what ideas will come to. They normally pop like bubbles on the breeze and disappear as quickly as they arrived. Sitting in a Peruvian cafe with Sam Williams – the co-founder of Project Cordillera – in 2013, the idea to start a social enterprise seemed as innocuous as any other daft […]

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International Mountain Day: Celebrating the Cordilleras

Today, 11 December 2014, is the UN World Tourism Organisation’s International Mountain Day. Join us and raise your glasses! They are the world’s undisputed water towers, providing 70% of the planet’s fresh water. Mountains feed rivers, pastoral lands, towns and cities; they are at the frontline of our environmental fragility. The people of the Cordilleras know this reality […]

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Life and Death in the Cordillera Blanca

There is so much to say about my time here in the Cordillera Blanca over the last six weeks. Being my third time here among the magnificent Andes, I have wasted no time in climbing a number of big alpine objectives. With other Project Cordillera staff, I also got straight to work consolidating our brilliant […]

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What does empathy have to do with exploration?

Mountain Shadow Phenomenon seen from Volcán Tajumulco, Guatemala  Perspective in the mountains is a unique and remarkable thing. Not only do mountains illustrate the minute size of a single human life, which they do with sometimes overwhelming clarity, they also play host to spectacular displays of light as well as incredible natural wonders such as the Brocken […]

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Interview with Sadie Quarrier: National Geographic Magazine’s Sr. Photo Editor of Expeditions

Charlotte Kesl: What draws you to adventure and expedition storytelling? Sadie Quarrier: What I love about my adventure and exploration beat is the community of photographers, videographers and athletes (adventurers, climbers, mountaineers, etc.) that this allows me to work with daily. They’re high energy, driven, and talented as artists but also push themselves often to […]

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The do’s (and, eventually, don’ts) of building a social enterprise

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to have been around many people trying to create social enterprises – businesses with a social aim at their core – across industries as diverse as travel, healthcare and micro-finance. As Project Cordillera matures, and goes on its own journey, I wanted to share some of the things we’re […]

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Adventure with a purpose

Adventure is at the heart of everything Project Cordillera does. We explore, investigate and experience as much as we can and share the best of what we’ve found. All of this while trying to have fun and straddling those slippery slopes of ‘development’ and social justice. Our feeling is very much that to be sustainable, […]

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What We Mean by Social Enterprise

Discover what we mean by social enterprise and why we work “not-for-profit” and “beyond profit” sectors. Often we are asked why we work in the “not-for-profit” and social enterprise sectors. Believe it or not, it is not usually because we are do-gooders who want to change the world for the better – although there is of […]

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