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To Create Social Value: Project Cordillera Approach

As a social enterprise, Project Cordillera’s central motivator is creating social value. This means that the partnerships we have forged with community-based development organisations, and the local communities of which they are part, are central to our operations as an ethical business. So, how does this work in practice? Well, in partnership with leading guiding […]

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Our Social Business model

For Today’s entrepreneurs, solving social problems has become more important than getting rich. Discover what a social enterprise is and what is our perspective about it.  What does it mean for an enterprise to be social?  Over the past decade or so the term social enterprise has exploded into public discourse. Across a range of professional […]

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The Beginning

Find out what makes you happy then go and make it happen! The idea for Project Cordillera was born amongst the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca in May 2013. I had climbed and trekked in these mountains before but the unique beauty of the Peruvian Andes and the communities that live there does not die hard. […]

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